The designer

The heart and mind behind the 'Karin Rask' clothing brand is a freelance actress and a mother of three children Karin Rask.

A well-known actress in Estonia, Karin Rask started her first clothing brand "Kalamaja Printsess" back in 2013. Inspired by her four-year-old daughter, she first focused on designing children's clothing. But as her signature style was modern and minimalist, it emerged that it was the mothers even more so than daughters who took a keen interest in Karin's designs. Over the years, the brand focused more and more on designing clothes for women and thus the decision to rebrand to "Karin Rask" in 2020 came naturally.

The keywords that characterise Karin's work have remained the same - clean minimalist style, attention to details and high-quality sewing.

It is important for me that my design does no harm to the environment. I therefore use only fabric leftovers which I collect from textile factories. Usually these are small pieces of garment enough for making only one, sometimes two dresses or coats. So in a way all my designed clothes are unique, Karin explains.

The brand

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